About Us


Emmanuel Haute Couture was established in the year 2007. Founded by designer Samantha Chua & photographer Joey Teoh. They both pursue their career at the forefront of fashion. The brand began a makeover of the bridal industry in 2008 with the opening of Emmanuel Haute Couture located in the Heart of the Orient, Lorong Seratus Tahun, Penang.

Emmanuel Haute Couture collections is the expression of timeless elegance and sensuality, a signature to which the brand is very loyal. The designer obsession for perfection applies to the tiniest details, each garment is the result of dedication and couture craftmanship. Opulent materials and delicate embellishments are instruments of choice for each creation.

Today, the atelier continues to showcase collections known for feminine detailing, elegant silhouette and a modern approach to make women look and feel beautiful.